Welcome to the world of Primeval!

All vanilla items and blocks have been made unobtainable, and you’ll have to relearn some things.

  • Be careful about how you break blocks, almost all natural blocks are prone to collapse and landslide if you mess with them, and caves may cave-in over your head if you aren’t cautious about what blocks you break.
  • Most blocks now require a tool to break them, and thus breaking things with your fist will be excruciatingly slow, so get yourself a set of (probably flint) tools as fast as you can!

Quick Tips

  • Breaking grass with a knife will get you a lot more straw for crafting and building
  • By putting a stick in both the off-hand and main hand, you can light fires by holding right click.
  • Clay is a valuable resource, so stick near a river, ocean, or lake where you can find it.
  • Saplings can be harvested from trees by breaking leaves with a knife.
  • Saplings grow slowly, so plant them early or you will quickly run out of nearby wood to harvest.

Don’t know what to start on?