To get started making tools, beyond your first flint tools, you’ll need to collect metal ores from the surface.

By exploring, you’ll be able to find small and big clusters of ore chunk items laying on the ground.

Ore Chunks

Ore chunks come in 3 variants: large, medium, and small.

  • Large chunks will give you 9 nuggets of metal
  • Medium chunks 3 nuggets
  • Small chunks just 1 nugget.

You will probably want to start with a copper axe or pickaxe, which require 3 ingots (27 nuggets) worth of metal.

There are many types of metal you can find, and some metals can be alloyed together, meaning that you may not need 27 nuggets of copper, but could mix in tin or zinc to create a bronze tool instead. Check out the Pit Firing page to learn your first metal processing technique.

Finding Ores

Once you have your first pickaxe, try exploring some caves, or if you get lucky, you may find an already exposed ore vein on the surface. Ore veins have a large amount of ores spread out in a big blob, so dig around ores you find to uncover hidden ores. If you are in a cave, be careful mining blocks over your head, as you might cause a cave-in!