Campfires are essential for early game cooking, and can also be used to ignite other items like torches.

Required Items

  • 2 rocks
  • 1 log
  • 1 straw
  • A cobblestone/stone block where you want the campfire to be built on top

Creating Your Campfire

With the stone/cobblestone on the ground, drop the materials above on top of the block. Then take 2 more sticks, one in the offhand and one in the main hand, and hold right click looking at the block where the items are. If all the items are present, and the block below them is cobblestone/stone, a campfire will be lit.

Using a Campfire

To use the campfire, drop burnable items (with q) to add fuel, and right click items onto it to cook them. They will make smoke particles, and after an amount of time will cook and be able to be taken off by right clicking with an empty hand.

Bigger, longer burning fires will cook your items quicker, so keep the fire burning for the fastest cooking!