Primeval is in very early development, and thus is in a barely playable state. I am looking for ideas and potential contributors to the project, so see the “How can I contribute…” paragraph below!

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What is Primeval?

Primeval, a mod for the Minecraft Fabric Modloader, is an interpretation of mods akin to TerraFirmaCraft, aiming for a complete overhaul of Minecraft’s usual gameplay systems to create a rustic, “realistic” game progression. Several vanilla systems are completely changed, whereas others are relatively similar. If you enjoy Minecraft and enjoy a little bit of grinding and/or historical technology, you may be interested Primeval.

FABRIC API is a required mod, and REI is currently required to know the recipes for the mod.

You are dropped into a natural setting rich with materials and life, but punching a tree is no longer an option.

Begin with the stone age and work your way up through both ancient and medieval technologies, to construct your own medieval world.

Who is making Primeval?

I am part of the larger group Immortal Devs, responsible for Paradise Lost, but this is primarily a passion project of mine, and is in very early development.

How can I contribute or keep up to date on releases?

I’m looking for new ideas and interesting concepts to bring interesting interactions to the mod. If you would like to contribute, check out the source on GitHub and follow the instructions there for writing a suggestion for the mod.

Also consider joining the Immortal Devs’ Discord channel (linked on the left) and talking about the mod there if you are interested in following the development or discussing with me or other players!

Found on Modrinth, Curseforge and Github!