The BindCommands mod allows players to bind Minecraft commands to specific keys on their keyboard, making it easier and faster to execute commands in the game.

Configuration menu of BindCommands


  • Bind Minecraft commands and messages to specific keys on your keyboard or mouse.
  • Configure bindings using the mod settings located in the mod menu.
  • Easy to use and customize.


  1. Download and install Fabric for Minecraft 1.19.4.
  2. Download BindCommands, Mod Menu, and Fabric Language Kotlin mods.
  3. Place the downloaded mod files in the “mods” folder located in your Minecraft game directory.
  4. Launch Minecraft with the Fabric mod loader and enjoy the mod!


To use the BindCommands mod, follow these steps:

  1. Open the mod settings from the mod menu.
  2. Add a new binding by clicking the “Add Command” button.
  3. Enter the Minecraft command you want to execute.
  4. Choose a key to bind the command to.
  5. Save the binding.
  6. Press the bound key to execute the command.

Feedback and Support

If you encounter any issues while using the BindCommands mod or have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to open an issue on the mod’s GitHub page or visit our Discord. We appreciate any and all feedback!